Crypto exchange IDEX says “no-no” to customers from New York

Crypto exchange IDEX says “no-no” to customers from New York

IDEX, the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that deals with the exchange of Ethereum tokens, has bid goodbye to customers with IP addresses that originate from New York.

As per an announcement on Twitter, from 6 pm on 25 October, New York users will be blocked from placing new orders.

Along with New York, customers from Washington and North Korea are also prohibited from using the platform, as per the terms and services of the exchange platform last updated on September 20.

“Any user that is found to be using the Service from one of the aforementioned jurisdictions will lose access to their account and their funds will be frozen until the direct withdrawal function activates and the user can interact with the IDEX contract directly to withdraw their assets,” read the terms and services on the IDEX website.

As reported earlier by BC Focus, Education Ecosystem, a blockchain company partnered with Linux Foundation and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

Education Ecosystem will come in contact with companies that are part of the EEA to leverage Ethereum to produce open sourced blockchain solutions. IDEX is one company that is a part of EEA and is sure to make a difference towards the Education Ecosystem.

As per another report by BC Focus, certain private keys were stolen from Ethereum and Monero wallets., a sharing and storage platform was breached by a Google Chrome extension which apparently stole the keys.

Along with Ethereum and Monero wallets, trading platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges were also subjected to hacking with IDEX losing important ant critical data to the hackers.

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