Trends That Will Shape Startup Ecosystem in 2019
7 Trends That Will Shape Startup Ecosystem in 2019
Every year, with the new emerging technologies and market demand, the startup ecosystem slightly changes.

Adopting the latest trends means ensuring innovation, developing new products, partnership, attracting the best investors and as a result gaining competitive leverage within the startup ecosystem and dominate the market. That's why it's crucial to keep track of the latest changes.

Since the year 2019 is right behind the corner, it's the appropriate time to discover trends that will shape the startup ecosystem in the future so that you could plan your strategy, deliver innovative products, and as a consequence attract more clients and increase your revenue.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

At first, VR and AR were popular in the gaming industry, but now their role has expanded to the business level as well. For instance, VR provides flight simulations to train the pilots, while AR allows the discovery of objects in a nearby area.

Given that these new technologies aren't widespread yet, there are plenty of opportunities for startups to think of a new use of VR and AR that will meet rising consumer demand in 2019.

Remote and flexible work

Nowadays, the demand for remote working opportunities is constantly growing. More and more employees prefer to work from home or any place they feel comfortable and organize their own work schedule.

Many startup owners have already provided their employees with this benefit. As a result, they noticed a significant rise in work performance and employee retention.

Therefore, make sure you embrace this prominent trend since your workers are the most valuable intangible asset of your startup.

Internet of Things

Thanks to the Internet of Things technology, we can control many devices with only our smartphone. Also, it enables acquiring new insights by collecting unique data.

IoT has a high potential that will be wholly realized in the near future, so jump on the bandwagon of providing products or services with this emerging technology in 2019.

On-demand services

Today mobile technology has become an integral part of our lives. We can access many inexpensive and easy-to-use services, such as making reservations at a restaurant or ordering a taxi with just one tap.

Thanks to mobile apps, plenty of on-demand services have appeared and become widely available. Hence, various industries have seen the potential that lies in on-demand services and started taking leverage.

However, there are still hidden opportunities in this field that your startup can take advantage of and become a pioneer in providing unique on-demand services.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

At first, the value of a bitcoin was $1, and throughout the years it increased to $17,000. Besides, Russia announced Cryptoruble, its own cryptocurrency. All this makes blockchain and cryptocurrencies promising financial system, and it's no surprise that many people started to mine bitcoins and trade them.

Therefore, don't miss your chance to set foot in the world of virtual currencies in 2019 and make sure your startup develops new concepts that will involve this thriving financial system.

Online education

Online courses, like Kahn Academy and Coursera, have been popular for a long time. However, nowadays Youtube takes primacy. This social network has become the go-to place whenever you need to solve any issue. You just type the problem that is bothering you, and there's a video that provides an answer.

Also, another way of learning that becomes more and more in demand is mentoring, like EssayOnTime that offers the opportunity to get help from a person experienced in any type of writing.

If you want to engage more with the audience, then show your startup in the form of solution to their problems, even better as a short video.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has paved its path for various applications - from Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars. However, this relatively new technology has a lot more to offer. It can be used in an app or business software and practically prosper on any platform.

So use the versatility of AI and implement it in the products or services of your startup because this trend will only grow in 2019.

Last but not least, select the trend that is best aligned with your startup mission and vision.

Implementing new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or Virtual or Augmentative reality can bring new business opportunities to your startup. Creating new on-demand services can make you stand out from other startups and win new markets which are necessary if you're planning expansion. Also, offering the possibility to work remotely can increase the work efficiency of your employees.

Whatever the trend you decide to follow in 2019 it will definitely bring your startup to a whole new level.
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